Coronaca Man

a gray guitar silhouette with the words CORONACA man over it

Sometimes Ben likes to get out and feel the wind in his lack of hair as a solo act. Perfect for small gatherings and parties, he'll work with you to make sure that your event is a hit. Book it and you're done: he'll bring the equipment and the tunes!


Ben Singing some Adele 👆 and some Tina Turner 👇

@coronacaband Tina, Meet the boys from Coronaca. #SimplyTheBest #GreenwoodSC #LocalMusic #Cover ♬ original sound - CoronacaBand

How about Jack Johnson? He does that too. 👇

@coronacaband a taste of Jack Johnson for your ear holes. #GreenwoodSC #LocalMusic #coverSongs ♬ original sound - CoronacaBand

Book the Coronaca Man

Shoot Ben an email: Ben (*at*) benandjacq (*dot*) com